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Litigation & Procedure.

In Litigation, we will guide you through the proceedings in an effective, dedicated and strategically clever way. 

Even though legal disputes are to be avoided whenever possible, in business life, it may become necessary to enforce one's claims in court. Besides, you may also be forced to defend your interests against a claim.

Whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom - we represent domestic and international companies and private individuals in civil and commercial disputes before all Swiss courts and authorities, particularly in contract law (employment, sale of goods, contracts for work, agency agreements), corporate law (D&O liability), and debt enforcement and bankruptcy law.

Before initiating legal proceedings, we carefully assess the risks of litigation and consider alternative solutions. After all, besides the question as to what is legally feasible, it is always important to consider what makes sense economically. If litigation is unavoidable, we provide the expertise, experience and flexibility required for successful litigation, as well as the right strategic management and negotiation tactics. During the course of the proceedings, we always keep the overview for you and provide ongoing advice on opportunities and risks.

Our relevant experience also extends to the enforcement of your claims in enforcement proceedings. We advise you in the area of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law and support you in asserting and securing your claims against debtors or in the insolvency of a company.

We offer individual solutions in the following matters:

  • Comprehensive advice on the opportunities and risks of legal proceedings

  • Litigation before all Swiss courts and authorities

  • Proceedings before the courts of appeal, including the Federal Supreme Court

  • Coordination of cross-border litigation 

  • All matters of debt enforcement and bankruptcy law

  • Debt collection, debt enforcement

  • Actions to set aside objections in debt enforcement proceedings

  • Seizure of assets in Switzerland

  • Bankruptcy proceedings 

  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Switzerland

  • Arbitration 

  • International legal assistance

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