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Tenancy & Lease.

Whether it is an apartment or a commercial property, drawing up contracts and knowing your rights and obligations is crucial to a successful lease.

When it comes to long-term lease agreements with a limited contract period, it is important that the respective documents are set up properly. From the duration of the agreement to the rent structure, including accessory charges, as well as the allocation of maintenance obligations - we will show you the options and the appropriate and beneficial solutions for your project.


In case of any difficulties or disagreements with respect to a lease, we will advice you on the legal options and assist you in trying to reach an amicable solution. If a legal dispute can no longer be avoided, we will also represent your interests in court.

We offer individual solutions in the following matters:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating tenancy and lease agreements

  • Sale-and-Lease back and other models

  • Triple-Net-Lease agreements

  • Rent guarantees resp. securities

  • Right of termination (ordinary and extraordinary termination, termination agreement, in the context of a total resp. comprehensive renovation)

  • Challenges to rent, structuring of the rent (indexation, periodical rent increases, turnover rent, increases in general, etc.)

  • Prolongation of the lease

  • Procedure in case of defects, request for rent reduction

  • Sublease or transfer of the lease

  • Evictions

  • Litigation in tenancy law matters

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