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We are internationally connected and involved in international associations.

JCA International


Scope Law represents Switzerland as a member of JCA International.


JCA International is a network of carefully selected, independent European law firms in over 25 countries, which was founded in 1995 – since 2023, we have been privileged to represent Switzerland. The aim of JCA International is to ensure the provision of legal services throughout Europe at the highest professional level and with the greatest personal commitment. The network is characterized by the close personal relationships and cooperations between its members and thus provides a good alternative to international law firms. There is one representative per country.

AIJA | International Association of Young Lawyers / IBA | International Bar Association

Our partners regularly attend the conferences of AIJA | International Association of Young Lawyers and IBA | International Bar Association.


Michael Eitle is and has been actively involved in AIJA for several years (including as a member of the Executive Committee), and Denise Läubli focuses on IBA's Real Estate conferences. Both strengthen our international network.

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