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Intellectual Property, Technology & IT.

Protect your trade secrets and innovations and make sure you can freely exploit your developments. We show you how.

Digitalization and new technologies (artificial intelligence, novel vaccines and blockchain) come with new legal opportunities such as smart contracts but also with new challenges in terms of liability. We are proven specialists in particular in the areas of copyright law (e.g. software protection), licensing law (e.g. patents or software), software development as well as technology transfer (in particular spin-off licenses) and can guide you pragmatically and efficiently through the legal thicket of technology law.

We offer individual solutions in the following matters:

  • Advice in all legal areas of intellectual property (patent law, copyright law, trademark law and design law)

  • Advice on IP strategies and all intellectual property issues

  • Software development contracts

  • Software license agreements (e.g. Software as a Service, SaaS)

  • Patent license agreements (e.g. spin-off licenses)

  • Technology transfer agreements (e.g. transfer of rights to use)

  • Contract drafting in the area of e-commerce

  • Research and development agreements

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